The 'Contest's

*Closed* Creative Writing Contest Entries (+ Award)

The Contest

The Basic Brown Girl launched a monthly newsletter in May and part of the content includes contacting various bloggers and getting their input on certain topics. If I’m satsified with the answers, they are posted in the newsletter with the bloggers’ website details and sent out to the recipients.

However, this month, the newsletter is holding a creative writing competition, and the topic is fairly easy. There will be 3 winners, who will not only get their work published on the newsletter as well as their blog details, but also win an award that can be posted on their website.

The Topic

Write a poem on the ‘black lives matter’ campaign. The length of the poem is totally up to you (but do try to keep it under 150 words) and do keep in mind that the poem has to be clean and family-friendly. Curses, violent hate speech or any other vulgar language will immediately result in a ‘disqualification’ from the newsletter.

The Deadline

The poems are to be submitted on the 3rd of July, so good luck!


Once you’re ready to submit the poem, send me an email (here) with two things; your poem (of course) and the email address you’d like the newsletter to be sent to. My newsletters are scheduled for the 5th of every month, so you’ll receive it some time then. The winners of this contest will be emailed separately with the award badge and congratulations, and as for the rest of the participants, don’t feel downhearted, I’ll be doing this every month with unique topics, so you can always apply for a contest then!

Looking forward to reading all the entries!


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