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Launching the Basic Brown Girl’s Monthly Newsletter

Take a look at the sneak peak at the bottom of this post!

The Secret

I’m not revealing anything about the newsletter yet, except that the first publication is scheduled for 6th May 2020, extended by a day just so that you guys don’t miss out! After that, the newsletters will be scheduled for the 5th of every month, and each one is going to be something new and different! If you haven’t subscribed to the newsletter, you’ll miss it, even if you’re already following my blog. You won’t be seeing the content anywhere on this website or my Facebook page, meaning you’ll be left behind…

How To

In order to subscribe, enter your email address on this popup subscription form, which should appear on my website after a few seconds:

If you find any technical difficulties, don’t fret! Comment your email address down below or send it to me via the contact page (if you’re extra concerned with your privacy) and I’ll respond as quick as I can! If you’ve contacted me in time, there’s no chance that you’ll miss out on the first newsletter.

Extra Note

If you do send me your email address via the contact page, just let me know in the comment section, so that I expect an email from you. If you guys want a guide on how to make your own newsletter for WordPress, give me a heads up and I’ll write a blog post on it!

Sneak Peak

Welcome to the greatest Basic Brown Girl adventure yet.


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