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Travelling in Emirate’s Business Class for the First Time

How come it’s my first time?

Honestly speaking, my family and I believe that travelling in business or first class is just a waste of money, especially since our travelling by air lasts from 2-3 hours on average. I mean, my grandparents just recently started travelling in business class because of their old age. Sure, the extra facilities are nice and it’s quite ideal for a very long flight but if it’s a short flight, it honestly feels like just wasting money because firstly, the flight’s practically over by the time you board, secondly, it’s not like you’re going to reach your destination faster and lastly, you could invest that money in something more important! This is just a belief of mine, so to each, their own.

How did it happen?

My dad travels quite a lot because of business matters and because of that, he’s an Emirates gold member. We were at the airport coming back from Turkey (click here to read my 2020 Trip to Turkey series) when a lady came up to my dad and told him that they had extra seats in the flight, so they upgraded his ticket to business class. Now, my dad wanted to sit with his family and my mother didn’t want to leave us either, so the ticket was going to be used by either me or my siblings. Long story short, I blackmailed my way to the ticket, haha; my sixteenth birthday was coming up and I had already pulled the ‘hey, it’s my sweet sixteen’ card a million times, so why not here too?

What did I do?

This was a 4-hour flight and I did my makeup, watched How to Train your Dragon 2, had an amazing tomato soup starter and rested- nothing extraordinary, now that I think about it. Sure, it was fun but it’s not something I’d be thrilled to do again because after having a chill first experience, it seems like a waste. Oh well, it’s not like I’ve got any plans anytime soon, thanks to the Corona Virus.


  1. It was funny the way you blackmailed your siblings because if I would have blackmailed my siblings they would have fought with each other for the ticket and obviously I wouldn’t have gotten it.

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