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I Cut my Nails for the First Time in a Year

Don’t get me wrong, I do trim and file my nails quite often (almost every two weeks) but it’s literally been a year or maybe even more than that since I’ve cut my nails completely. I started growing my nails towards the end of 2018 or early 2019 because of a recommendation and that was the first time my hands actually looked like they belonged to someone of my age. For this post, I was going to add a before-and-after picture but I’m so not ready to do that, so nevermind, haha.

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My Reaction

Oh my God, do you know how weird this is? It feels like someone beheaded my fingers or cut them in half and it’s actually difficult to type and do my everyday chores. On top of that, my hands are quite small- they practically fit into the category ‘baby hands’, which is why I maintain a certain nail-length. So, basically, my hands look and feel very foreign at the moment.

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Behind the Nail-Cutting

I cut my nails for religious reasons (an upcoming important month) and I’m keeping it as brief as that because I don’t mention religion much on my blog due to it leading to a lot of conflicting conversations, which I don’t have the heart to read (people can be really mean). No, I’m not bound to cut my nails by my religion but it felt like something I just had to do. It still feels weird, though.

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  1. Good on you, honey. To each their own! Everyone shows their devotion/effort differently, and you shouldn’t have to explain/prove anything to others who wouldn’t understand 🙂

    Also, your blog is YOURS. Go mental with it 🙂 it’s YOUR space. So no need to fear nor prevent any arguments it may lead to. We want to tune into YOU, not some perceived version of how things should be!

    You do you 👊🏽

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