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Review: Cue Cinemas

If I was to describe cue cinemas in two words, it would be: very underrated. I’ll be honest, my standards (when it comes to malls and cinemas etc.) are pretty high, considering that I’ve been pretty spoilt (thanks to Dubai), so it isn’t often for me, here in Lahore, to watch a movie at a cinema and go ‘woah’. 


I’d jump at the thought of giving this cinema a 10/10 but I was really let down by the salsa! Can you believe it? I was really looking forward to chomping on nachos and salsa but I ended up stuffing a hot dog, which also wasn’t as good as it could have been. Maybe this was because we had watched The Call of the Wild at around 11 pm? Not a great excuse though.. I guess I’d give the cinema a 9/10.


The movie was amazing!


  1. Ahhh I want to go to the movies with you guys! Maybe by the time I can come (don’t know when overseas flights would be allowed again), cinemas will reopen too..

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