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Restaurant Review: MariBelle


The following blog may destroy any fictional beliefs a child might have. If you believe in Barbie, you should probably eat out at this place but do not read any further.

The Rating

If Barbie was real, believe me, this would be her go-to Restaurant. Literally everything was pink, from the flowers arranged on the wall, the chairs and even the burger buns (which some people found very strange but I loved the idea)!  The taste was pretty good; I had ordered a certain soup as a starter, which I’m not going to name because I think I’ve mentioned that in way too many blogs (it’ll be mentioned in one of the pictures though, don’t worry), and a Moroccan Chicken Steak for the main course. Their presentation was delightful, however I was just slightly put off by the service because despite the food being served and arrived on time, I think it took me at least 3 reminders after practically finishing my food to get the drink I ordered. Overall, it was a new experience and regardless of any minute discouraging factors, I enjoyed the lunch with my cousins! I’d rate MariBelle an 8/10.

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