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Restaurant Review: The Pantry, by the Polo Lounge

Brutal Honesty

The first thing that came to my mind, apart from how pretty the ambiance seemed, was that it was seriously hot. Sure, it’s winter and the mall was centrally heated but gosh, it seemed so stuffy. The sweatshirt I was wearing didn’t really help but I guess the food did make up for it.

The Review

Of course, I started off with the soup of the day, which was luckily my favourite!! *Drum roll* Tomato soup!! This was probably the best Tomato soup I’ve had since Turkey, which is saying a lot. Apart from that, my family and I ordered quite a few salads because according to my mother, we couldn’t possibly leave ‘The Pantry’ without trying its salads. They were good, not bad. Overall, it was a nice place to have lunch and I’d probably rate it a seven. Hmm. I guess I don’t have much to say because it wasn’t anything extraordinary.

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